A Review Of Auction Selling 101

A brand new website called Auction Selling 101 has just gone LIVE and is now accepting new members. Auction Selling 101 is currently a very valuable resource for new eBay sellers. It is the latest product on the scene to teach people how to make money on eBay. “Auction Selling 101″is designed with both the beginner and the more experienced eBay marketer in mind. This awesome course contains 27 camtasia videos ranging from the basic “Registering on eBay” to more advanced User “Guides & Videos”, also offering live training sessions through it’s virtual classroom software. view the online auctions on www.bidvaluable.com

When tricky strategies or topics are covered, the guide refers you to the corresponding video in their video library. And with “Auction Selling 101” you have the perfect vehicle to make all your financial dreams come true. Members can login to the Classroom area to access video lessons, a downloadable 125-page ‘Student handbook’, audio interviews with top eBay sellers, a member’s forum and regular virtual classroom sessions.

As an “Auction Selling 101” student you will fly up the ladder of success to PowerSeller status in no time flat. As a member you’ll discover a number of Insider insights that will literally blow you away. By joining their community of auction sellers you will have access to a tried, tested, and PROVEN formula that you can easily duplicate over and over again. After seeing all the resources and detailed training included in your member’s area, I’m convinced that Auction Selling 101 will raise the standard for all auction resource sites.

Your initial charge for joining Auction Selling 101 will be $20 for the first month, followed by $20 per month charged once every 30 days on the date of your anniversary of signing up. I’d also like to give a mention to a couple of other Auction Selling 101 features which I was very impressed with: the eBay/Paypal fee calculator and an eBay search tool that provides a quick and easy way to search eBay for misspelled items.

“Become a student in the Auction Selling 101 virtual classroom today & get spoon fed the information you need to become the next eBay powerselling money magnet. If you join Auction Selling 101 today you will have a guy who earns over $10,000 every month on eBay become your personal trainer. Now you can dominate eBay with Auction Selling 101.


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